GOYA Surf Pro RDM Mast

GOYA Surf Pro RDM Mast


100% Glass & Epoxy. The Surf mast is the obvious choice to go with the Surf sail as well as the Scion sail, tying a neat package that works in simple synergy.

These glass & epoxy masts have been designed to work perfectly on the Surf and the Scion. While their construction is similar to our full size mast, their layup is simplified, while still ensuring the kind of strong and light product you expect from Goya.

With the Surf mast line we’re offering you a wonderful solution to that long mast top sticking out of your kid’s sail. This reduces swing weight, uphaul weight and carrying weight. It also makes the sail perform and look better.

We believe that quality matters from day one. The motivation that comes from easy and supportive gear is irreplaceable, especially for kids lacking our physical strength.

Built with same length sections for easy handling.


Ultra Pro, Hundred Pro, Eighty Pro, Seventy, Fifty are interchangeable with each other, all lengths, all carbon contents, RDM only.

Ninety Pro is interchangeable within itself, all lengths.

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