Designed to paddle like a dream, glide through tubes, and turn on a dime, the Helix has become a staple in the quivers of team riders Kai Lenny, Imai Devault, and Ian Walsh. Keith initially started working on the design for Lalo Goya and himself as a shape to handle larger and more hollow conditions. It eventually transitioned to becoming a crucial board in surf trip quivers and at home on Maui during the winter months. After refining the shape with Imai Devault and Ian Gentil during the contest season on Oahu’s North Shore, the Helix was born. While not intended to be a full-blown step up, the Helix is the board you can trust to get over the ledge or when you need to hold a line and excel on rail.

The Helix has a bit of a wider tail and the wide point isn’t as far forward. It has a medium tail rocker with a medium entry. This allows the board to handle heavier waves and turn at faster speeds. A medium rail for some grab and yet forgiving enough for the faster speeds.

This board comes in thruster setup with Futures boxes.

This board sits alone with the Crusher in that it’s at the top of the food chain for performance in pumping surf. We are doing this in PUE construction which is the tradition- al polyurethane wood stringer blank but we add the newer feature of epoxy resin for a quicker flex and more durability.”

PU Epoxy Construction.
3 Futures White ILT finboxes. Available in white.


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