UNIFIBER – Elite C100 RDM Mast

UNIFIBER – Elite C100 RDM Mast

The Elite C100 RDM masts are our hottest choice for high-end wave and racing sails.
The lightning-quick flex of this mast delivers optimum reaction and power control to your rig.

Available in (CM)
340 | 370 | 400 | 460

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For dedicated and serious windsurfers it is the best choice for low weight, high performance, and durable mast.

The Elite C100 RDM mast range is introduced in three new specialized curves:

  • Constant Curve — A ‘classic’ constant curve. Balanced and versatile, with the curve profile that has been preferred by many sailmakers for decades.
  • Constant FL Curve — A modern-day flex top with a little more flexing in the centre.
  • Constant FH Curve — Flexes in the top as much as the Green Curve but is a little stiffer in the centre, resulting in a very fluent curve

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